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CB Expo 2022 will showcase the first adult-use THC cannabis!

Swiss cannabis pioneer Pure Production AG is cultivating Switzerland´s first recreational THC cannabis for the pilot project “WEED CARE”, located in the city of Basel. Next 10 – 11 September, Pure Holding AG will exhibit at CB Expo 2002 in Zurich, where it will present its new THC varieties to the public for the first time.

A total of four high-quality cannabis varieties and two hashish products will be available for the first approved pilot project. A large study by three Basel institutions will examine the impact of regulated cannabis sales on public health. This study will serve as a basis for the drafting of a new adult-use cannabis policy in Switzerland. In the coming months, many more pilot projects will be launched in various Swiss cities.

CB Company supports the work of adult-use pilot projects in Switzerland and abroad. This topic will be discussed at the panel discussion “Adult-use Cannabis in Europe: Pilot Projects, Hypes, Delays, and Expected Timelines”. A panel of renowned speakers from Switzerland, Germany, Holland and the UK will provide an update and exclusive insights on the ongoing efforts to regulate adult-use cannabis in Europe.

The panel will take place on Sunday, September 11, 11:00 a.m. on the Main Stage of CB Expo 2022 in Zurich.
All Information and tickets: www.cb-expo.com
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