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BREAKING NEWS – Germany starts Cannabis Legalization

Right in time for the start of spring, the first small flowers are sprouting from the ground when it comes to legalizing cannabis in Germany: full legalization will take somewhat longer than anticipated, but modelprojects, socialclubs and homegrowing, together with decriminalization, leave us with hope that the scene will blossom soon!

Find the full press release of the Bundesministerium für Gesundheit here.

We look forward to discussing and advancing the important topics with you – in and for all of Europe. Our upcoming Cannabis Business events offer the optimal opportunity for this, together with the usual class and style.

12-14 May 2023
CB Lounge at CannaTrade, Zurich

June 28, 2023
CB Club, Berlin

15-16 September 2023
CB Expo, Dortmund
(in cooperation with InterTabac)

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