CannaSwissCup 2022/23 – Sign up now!

CannaSwissCup, which was founded in 1998, discontinued in 2006 and reinstated in 2017, is currently adapting to the CBD market in Switzerland and switching gear for CannaSwissCup 2022/23 as follows:

– The number of grams per variety will be reduced to 500 g (previously: 1000 g)
– The deadline for submitting registrations is March 31, 2023
– The product entry period will now run from January, 1 – March, 31 2023
– New jury cards will be issued in place of the jury boxes (number: 450)
– Jury cards will be available exclusively at the CannaTrade
– The award show will take place on the Sunday of CannaTrade (previously: Saturday)
– 40% of the winners will be selected by the VIP jury and 60% by jury members

All of the varieties submitted will be checked for CBD, THC, CBG, nicotine, pesticides and mycotoxins by CBD-Test and the favored terpene profiles compiled. The VIP Jury Day will be retained for the initial selection of varieties.

We hope that these modifications will better reflect the current market situation and look forward to an exciting CannaSwissCup 2022/23 and to receiving many entries in the Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor and Hash categories via