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CB Company goes EVO NXT Malaga

Let’s speak about Next Generation Products, let’s speak about Cannabis!

At the upcoming EVO NXT business festival for next generation products in Malaga, 10. 10-11, CB Company had the pleasure to organize the “Cannabis Day” on Saturday, March 11. We are very proud to welcome Dr. Sung-Min Pyo (Pyo Labs), Sébastien Béguiere (Kanavape, Golden Buds, Alpha-Cat CBD), Joscha Krauss (MH medical hemp), Laura Ramos (CannaReporter), Kai-Friedrich Niermann (KFN+ Law Office), Dr. Gavin M. George (Puregene AG), Thomas Rau (Cannabisiness, Q-Farms), Nik Faes (Bryan, Garnier & Co.), Carlos Oliveira (Agrivabe), Alfredo Pascual (Seed Innovations), Nicholas Balk (Trichome Capital and Trichome Pharma) and Farida Hussain (Dovetail Consulting) on stage, listen to interesting Keynote speeches and panel discussions, and connect the Cannabis-Industry with the Vape- and Tobacco Industry in Malaga.

Stay tuned – and see you in Malaga!

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